Issue 2 – Featuring Joshua Kane



The Creatives Issue was always going to be about the creatives themselves, allowing them a platform to speak to us and our readers about their arts. This is not only
at the core of RION’s values but also our contributors. While unconventional maybe, this was our intention.

Joshua Kane, known for his spectacular collections and runway shows at the London Palladium opens his doors to fashion and to the public.

“It begins with a story” and what a story this issue holds.
London’s dandiest tailor speaks to us and we find out
what his life was like growing up to becoming one of the 64 most talked about and celebrated designers of our time.

Everything you see holds some element of surprise, from stunning editorials across the globe to insightful interviews. The Creatives Issue is exactly that. It’s all about the creatives.

RION Magazine. The Creatives fashion magazine. —Wayne Noir


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