Hok, you think you can dance?

“Beauty comes in form, flow, colour, light and idea"

Interview with Hok Konishi.


Emmy Award winning multi-talented artist Hok Konishi  is best known for his eccentric style as a dancer and choreographer and became a world sensation after his appearance on FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance.” His appearances spanned multiple seasons, but his impression was immortalized on season 3 when he performed the iconic Emmy awarded dance entitled “The Flower and the Hummingbird” choreographed by the famed Wade Robson. Hok, along with his fellow teammates from QUEST CREW, also won the all star season of MTV’s “Americas Best Dance Crew.” Their performances during the season lead Hok to be awarded an Emmy for outstanding choreography. Most recently, Hok was seen performing with Nikki Minaj at the Billboard Music Awards and Demi Lovato at this year’s Grammy’s tribute to the Bee Gees!
Although Hok’s cultural roots are based in Yokohama, Japan, he was raised and refined in Oxford, England, making him a self-titled “Japan-glish.” This diverse upbringing has given way to his immensely creative way of designing movement and art. Hok is currently collaborating with Nike HQ and continues to travel the world creating, choreographing, inspiring, and teaching dance. We caught up with Hok to have a chat.



                                                          Photo by Ryan West

1) ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ and we all know that you can, so what was this experience working on that show like for you?

Being on ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ has helped me career in America tremendously. I still believe it’s the best dance TV show of our generation. It’s truly the whole package: the talent, the drama (trust me, when you’re in it competing the emotions are NO JOKE), and how they treat the dancers. They treated us like true artists and I really appreciate that.


2) You’ve worked with a lot of celebrities in your career. Do you believe that everyone can be taught to dance?

With the right method and habit, I believe ANYONE can be taught how to dance!! Believe it or not, there is no one in my family that dances, so it’s technically not in my genetics, and I am constantly teaching and learning myself.

3) “Beauty comes in form, flow, colour, light and idea”, is this a motto in you life? And is this how you feel when you express yourself with Dance?

Yes, and to be precise, it’s all of the above and everything in between that makes the secret recipe;)

4) Do you believe your Japanese roots have an Influence on your moves and dancing style?

I believe so. I am very anal about cleanliness, shapes and patterns and that has definitely come in handy when making things for the crew.

5) For those that don’t know, how would you describe ‘The Flower and the hummingbird’?

That piece will always have a special place in my heart. At the time people had never really seen anything like it before, dance wasn’t as widely spread as it is now, and it was rare to run into a piece that wasn’t based around human emotions. Wade was such a genius for that.


6) When was the last time you had dance-off you had? Did you win?

I haven’t battled in the longest time!! When I first started dancing I absolutely loved it and lived for those moments. When battling, you literally have to believe the universe is just you and what’s inside the battle, anything else will be a distraction. Now I feel like my focus has shifted, so it’s much harder for me to focus on just the battle.

7) Do you think dance, music and fashion all flow together, and what performance are you most proud of to date?

Yes, I think it’s absolutely wonderful that one medium can inspire another medium to push it’s boundaries. One of my proudest moments with dance was when my crew and I performed the bench piece on Americas Best Dance Crew 8. We all collapsed into tears after we stepped off stage, there really are no words that can explain that feeling. Just by that moment in itself was worth the years of hard work that led up to it. Not to mention, we won an Emmy for it!

8)  You collaborate with Nike, can you tell us more about your work with such an iconic brand and how you first started working with them?

Yes, it’s been about 3 years now that I have been working closely with Nike. I am able to be a part of the creative process for their visual presentation, which is usually about a year and a half ahead before the public sees a new product go on the market. I choreograph the models and express how they want the concept to read with the product. It’s extremely cool working with them each year, and every time they have me back, it reassures me that I’m doing something right with my creations.

9) You’ve worked with artist like Nikki Minaj and Demi Lavato to name a few, who has been the easiest to work with, and who just doesn’t get that 8th count?

Honestly everyone that I have worked with have all been amazing! All of them are hard workers and there is a reason that they become who they are today. With that said, I don’t think anyone else has the inner funk as much as BRUNO MARS and it would be a dream to work with him!

10) It’s been a busy year for you so far, what do you plan to do next?

This year flew by so quick! I got to direct my first commercial for JAPAN AIRLINES, so I would definitely love to work on more projects of that caliber. Traveling to new countries will always be a must for me as well. My girlfriend and I started a passion project to spread love and are on a mission to snuggle around the world! You can follow our journey on Instagram @Worldwidesnugglers.

Photography by Ryan Feng