This girl will bite the word FAME very soon, make a note of this. Every generation had its independent pop or a hip hop icon.


Text: Bartek Fetysz

I love creative people. All my life I’ve been trying to surround myself with creatives, artists, designers. The reason for this is simple, they inspire me. They push my boundaries and their talent challenges mine to reach more and go further in life. What’s better than a bunch of talented and hungry for life people locked in the one room? Probably just a 24/7 wine delivery without the charge.

I met Lola Coca last year. LO-LA CO-CA. Remember these two words as they will be written in capitals on the walls in every city in the world soon, not only in London’s Shoreditch, where she lives, or Portsmouth where she was born. This girl will bite the word FAME very soon, make a note of this. Every generation had its independent pop or a hip hop icon. We had 2Pac, Aaliyah, plenty of one trick ponies from the nineties and early 00’s and we went all the way to 2017 where the crown for the title is still very much available as most of the artists are as bland as butter or taste like a tap water. Lola may be the game changer. She’s coming to the playground with her own rules and toys. Do you dare to play? Make a note of this fact, that she’s not a signed artist and she’s not so eager to let the others control her business. She’s not a piece you can buy and stick to your fridge and make cash out of it. With all the respect to groups like En Vogue or the latest puzzled troll – Little Mix – she is not a product. She’s that “Independent Woman” Destiny’s Child used to sing about. Boom. There, I’ve said it.

The only child, as a person is cool and down to Earth (she forbid me using the word “Fame”) like none of the pop singers of this generation. Maybe because of the fact that she’s not the youngest and she had been through some rough times while creating her debut album. And I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen her being upset, angry, in doubt, broke, focused, you name it, I’ve seen her blood, sweat, and tears but I’ve never seen her giving up. Who’s that girl? – Madonna, EVE and Robyn kept asking this question since what, the 90s? They finally got the answer. „Her heart is on the street, tu corazon es suyo, now you’re falling at her feet, you try to get away but you can’t”. “Watch there mouths drop, watch the crowds pop up and act out, broads with the screw face, smash on and knock out, ain’t changed game don’t run me, I run the game”. “Good girls are pretty like all the time, I’m just pretty some of the time, good girls are happy and satisfied I won’t stop asking until I die”. Who’s that girl? It’s Lola Coca.

She’s not the strongest singer out there, you won’t hear some insane Whitney-like notes but Lola serves you a proper pop album with some delicious hip-hop vibes. And it’s not as cheap as a meal deal. It has its own incredible taste and takes you for a ride into mentioned before 90’s and twenties. You can clearly hear her inspirations, from De La Soul, Wu Tang, Salt’n’Pepa to Gwen Stefani or even Britney and Backstreet Boys. The pop relations are especially visible in her videos. Every time I watch “Bad Girlfriend” her first single released I feel like I’d be watching “Clueless”. The single itself is a proper banger and I am telling you – I am surprised it hasn’t knocked out from the charts such a girl power wannabes like Iggy or eternally hungover Charlie XCX. The difference between Lola Coca and the chart surfers are simple – she’s creating her song on her own, the others are lip-syncing drag queens. Sashay away, Love. So far she’s been compared mostly to Lily Allen, which is quite understandable and easily to hear when it comes to the vocals and sometimes to the sound. But Lola is less mainstream and wittier than Lily. And way prettier. And the possibility that Allen will ever record such a good album as “The Only Child” is minus infinity.

My favorite songs on the album are “GQ”, “Big Ben”, “Birds In The City” and obviously “Bad Girlfriend”. As a single man in the big smoke “Love Songs” (dedicated to Lola’s ex – she wished him fun playing FIFA while listening to her, as the song had been featured in the game) are close to my heart. “Love songs are for losers baby” she sings and adds “I’m very sorry if I lose my head
By playing it cool just to get in your bed”. “Big Ben” reminds me a bit of the times when Mark Ronson used to play with Amy Winehouse instead of Fleur East. Sorry, my bet, Bruno Mars (they both sounds so similar). And “GQ” treats about this guy who thinks he has it all but in reality, he’s a basic bitch with no plan for life. Haven’t we all met or dated at least one of the kind? “Even on the cover of GQ, I am never going home with you, your leather jacket doesn’t impress me, I’m not a fool”. In short: Bye Felicia. The only WTF moment on the album is the “Xmas Day” tune. It’s a groovy, smooth and holiday track but at some point, it doesn’t fit the rest of the album. Maybe it’s me or maybe it’s the fact I am a Xmas grinch and I don’t need it in Spring. But then again – itself it’s a solid holiday pop song – released last December it worked for me – especially with the video on the beach while I was freezing here in London. I think it should have been released just as a separate single exchanged with another song on the final version of the album.

The album is out now so go to iTunes and get it (links below). Or stream it on Spotify. But just listen to it for fuck sake and make cool people famous again. Lola Coca deserves a listen, she deserves recognition in this world so full of crushed brains, silicone personalities and humongous lips and asses with nothing to say (unless we are talking “Oh, yeah baby, oh shit baby” words in their home-made porn). Instead of getting a bottle of Prosecco get her debut album – it’s cheaper, it tastes better and will make you feel like a badass minus hangover. I have no idea why iTunes puts her in the brit-pop genre tho. Brit pop? Really? Coldplay and Lola Coca in the same box? It’s like comparing out of date seafood to a fresh burger meal. No, thanks, Doll, I’ll take burger and fries instead. With the barbecue sauce.