Text: Bartek Fetysz
Let’s make it clear – I have a phobia and I am afraid… of small things.

That’s why when someone told me about this small miracle bottles that can completely change your skin, my reaction was a face you’d usually get from Nicole Kidman on the red carpet (meaning: eyebrows are going up all the way to the back of your body). Gold Collagen what? Pure? Nope, I ain’t buying it. Must be rubbish? You can imagine my face when after one show during London Fashion Week I’ve discovered a 10 day program in my goodie bag. The first thing I thought was: I’ll give it to my Mum.

As a born Libra I am naturally curious. And I love proving people wrong. So I’ve decided to accept the challenge and try the product for myself. And there’s a lot to stand up to as this product promises a lot – radiance, glow, less wrinkles, firmness, hydration – basically the new you without the surgeon or crazy expensive creams made of baby unicorns. The back of the teeny weeny bottle, which could easily get a role in Alice In Wonderland, says:

3weeks to stimulate skin hydration,

6 weeks for skin smoothness,

9 weeks for skin firmness.

Just 1 per day. Skin care starts with the sip. When it comes to nutritional information – it’s literally a facial Molotov cocktail – it has protein, vitamin C, E, B6, Zinc, Copper, Biotin, protein, hydrolysed collagen and more goods that will make you look younger again. A B C for your face and what I’ve found out later – hair and nails as well.
I got in touch with Pure Gold Collagen office (10 out of 10 for the customer service, thank you Rebecca) and I ordered a monthly supply (which costs around 100 pounds, you can get in now for 70 tho at the website). It came beautifully packed and I also recieved 4 Hydrogel Face Masks as I am a massive fan of me time, which includes books and pampering.

First of all, let me make it clear: this is NOT a sponsored article. I am a fashion writer not a blogging prostitute who’ll do writing exercises for free stuff.
The first sip: Damn, this is definitely not Nutella. It’s not bad but it’s a sharp, citrusy, very peachy taste – it doesn’t smell half as strong as it tastes. I can imagine people digging it, but I am not a big fan of acidic peach. But – if that can take away 5 years out of my face – I am game.

The texture reminds me of a syrup and literally it’s like a shot. Minus the alcohol – maybe that’s why I wasn’t keen on the taste. I asked their PR team, what’s the best time to take it? They told me it’s. best to do it before breakfast just for an extra kick. I’ve been drinking mine during breakfast and with every day, I started noticing that I am getting used to the taste more and more.

After 2 weeks I’ve noticed that the redness on my face went away in about 50% (cheeks and forehead) and I am not the type who looks in the mirror every day looking for the first signs of getting old. It was just visible. I am 33 and proud, but then my friends started asking me if I am doing something special or if I had any treatment done as I looked glowing and my complexion was way better than it used to be. Quoting: Have you had a facial? You are older and you are looking younger than me .Of course, I said no and I haven’t mentioned my secret morning weapon. The magic sip.
I never use a lot of cosmetics. I am a simple lad. Organic black soap, sometimes cleansing balm, moisturizing cream and oil for night time. Done.

Half of the days, I forget about the creams and I am on the go. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when drinking Pure Gold
Collagen. It became my routine. I was really on top of my game, I haven’t skipped a day. I was even more surprised when I finished my supplies (day 41) and I still went through my fridge to look for the small bottle… But there were none left. And it really made me sad at some point but I thought, man up, let’s have a look at your face. I can honestly say that this product ticks every promise it gives you. As I haven’t done it for 6-9 weeks I can only imagine the results after that time but even after 4 weeks I was impressed! My skin was hydrated, I got rid of all the pimples, redness, I was looking glowing and younger. Happy. I genuinely liked my face. But the most important (for me)  my very visible nasolabial folds (you know, these wrinkles you get from smiling) became less deep. I couldn’t believe it as I was considering botox for that part of my face since I was 27. They are still there but kind of firmer, filled, less visible. Hallelujah! I think I’ll give a go for the 9 week program just to see how it will improve my complexion even more.

It’s really handy and if your memory is as short as mine you can easily drop it to your handbag or a backpack as it weights nothing and you can drink it anytime you want. Talking about the memory – almost forgot to mention the Hydrogel Face Mask. I put it in the fridge. It consists of two parts – upper and lower – forehead, eyes and nose – lips, cheeks and chin. It’ s easy to apply and after 20-40 minutes you look just amazing as it calms the skin. And I had the best proof of it, as I had a allergic reaction to something before going out one evening and I looked like I’ve been in acid. I put cream on, but the redness just went even wilder – do you remember Samantha Jones and her chemical peeling in Sex and The City? Exactly that! But after leaving the Hydrogel mask on for 30 minutes – I looked like a new born child again.


Get it, drink it, enjoy it. Your skincare really can start with a sip.


Bartek Fetysz



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