An Interview with Make Up Artist -Abbie May 

Abbie May, makeup artist to the stars, talks to us in an interview by Wayne Noir about why she became a makeup artist, and what she has in hold for her future.

 An Interview with Make Up Artist -Abbie May 

Make up artist to the starts, takes time out of her buy schedule to talk to us.



Abbie May – MUA

1) How has the makeup industry changed since you’ve started professionally, it seems everyone who can eye shadow and has a blog is a MUA.(Make Up Artist) Has this affected how you gain any work?

I have been a make-up artist for 5 years now which is a small amount of time compared to other established MUA’s in the industry. I have seen a huge change in the industry due to social media. It seems like everyone wants to be “Instagram famous” and just receive free products and call themselves a make-up artist. I have no problem with bloggers doing there thing but when I see a blogger call themselves a make-up artist when they are only painting their own face I must admit, it’s not a true representation of a MUA.

I see being a true makeup artist is being creative, working on different faces, races, sexes and experimenting with different textures, colours, techniques etc.
I will say, I don’t think this has affected me personally loosing out on work as there are always people who will seek out professionals like myself.

2) With you as your own brand, do you plan on launching your own makeup range?

Everything is a possibility! Watch this space!

3) Can you give us an all year round simple makeup look that flatters most people?

For an all-rounder make-up look that suits all, I love the natural look which can be worn during the daytime and you can change it up a bit for the evening by changing something simple like the lip colour or add a bit of eyeliner!

Naturally highlighted and contoured dewy skin, soft blush, fluffy brows, natural nude lips and a coat or 2 of black mascara –

keep it simple and beautiful.

4) Can you see the makeup industry taking off with men’s makeup?

More and more men are wearing minimal make-up nowadays. As a make-up artist who does male grooming on a regular basis, it’s fascinating to hear what certain clients, including celebrity clients, request. I can see it hitting off, I would hate to be that guy with a zit in the middle of his forehead and not be able to cover it up – conceal that!

5) Who was your first major client and how’d did you climb up the professional ranks to being the household name that you are today?

My first celebrity client was Maya Jama! I am still her MUA to this day and we have been working together for a long time now. I do a lot of filming work with Maya for things such as VEVO, Copa 90, MOBO Awards 2016, The Brit Awards 2017 and much more. Maya is certainly one of my favourite clients to work with, we always have a laugh as well as keeping it professional.

At the beginning of my career, I worked at Space NK and MAC Cosmetics as well as completing a 2-year make-up course at Amersham & Wycombe College. In any spare time I had, I would always be organising photo shoots and taking on any free work I was offered which would benefit me. After a few years and a few paid jobs, I started to realise my value and took a huge risk to go full-time freelance and create myself as a brand. It’s the best decision I have ever made.

6) You’ve done catwalk shows at Fashion weeks, editorials, weddings, and personal make up for clients, which ones do you love doing the most?

I really love working with music artists! I enjoy helping to create their image, working together with the fashion stylist, hair stylist and label to come together with ideas and see the whole vision come to life. I am currently working with singer/songwriter Raye who is set to be huge for 2017. She currently has 4 songs in the top 40 at the moment.

7) As a photographer myself, being backstage at London fashion week and seeing the MUA’s at those shows, that’s got to be stressful?

I have been an head make-up artist at quite a few fashion shows, I don’t ever get overwhelmed by how frantic it can be. It’s important to keep your composure and be professional. I have a great team who I assemble myself and I like to be organised so that everything runs smoothly on the day.

8) Which brands do you swear by and always use?

This is such a hard question! There are so many brands on the market who have incredible products. I wouldn’t say I love just one brand as not one brand has everything you need. I really love using Eylure eyelashes as they are easy to apply and come in many shapes and sizes to suit all eye shapes and looks. I also really love Clarins Instant Smooth Primer to prep the skin before foundation. It literally fills in all your fine lines and crinkles and makes your complexion flawless. One more product I love has to be the MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in “Soft & Gentle”. This was one of my first products I ever bought and have replenished every year. It suits all skin tones and types and everyone loves a glow!

You can follow me on Instagram to see my Instagram stories on more products I love and why (@abbiemaymua).

9) You’ve gone from London to L.A, where else would you like to visit for work?

I have been so lucky to travel with work. I have been to Morocco, L.A, New York, Italy, and France so far. I would love to visit more African countries and Dubai is also on my list of places to go.

10) And finally, what does 2017 hold for Abbie May?

I want to work with new creatives and create beautiful inspiring work! I am also wanting to give aspiring MUAs the chance to assist and learn from me as I found this was difficult for me personally when trying to break through into the industry.

You can follow Abbie’s work on her socials and see her full feature on our debut issue, Issue NOIR






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