Starsica Takes Off

Starsica Takes Off

By Ross Pollard

Sometimes you want to kick off the first day of fashion week with a bang and a blast of pure
unadulterated happiness, well step forward Korean label Starsica and the absolute runway party that put a smile on everyone’s faces at Fashion Scout. We were treated to a collection that just embodied everything I want to see from a designer.

The collection was a recipe for brilliance, outstanding use of colouring, playful design and deep-seated vivacity. Each look was an explosion of the thoughts of this very talented designer. We were given looks that where youthful yet tailored, layered and chic but retained their sense of affirmation
The ability of a designer is often rooted in how they can present outrageous thoughts and ideas but on second glance you can see how utterly wearable they collection is, and that’s what we got here, beautifully constructed visions of what spring and summer should be. None of the austere down beat walks that have dogged London in the last few seasons, this is not only a collection, it’s a  celebration of life

It’s hard to pick a fave look when everything is just amazing, but for me the dotted skater style dress,the beautiful flower print and the quite frankly awesome knit with the face on it will be in any must have list anyone asks me for in the near future. Starsica is going places, and I want to live in the places it’s going. 

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