Girls, The Final Season

If you don't want to know what happened, then don't read on

Girls, The Final Season – ★★★★
*Spoilers Ahead*


Will Hannah end up with Adam? Will Sosh talk slower than 145 mph? Will Jessa ever be included in one stable story arc? Will Marnie ever stop being such a c*nt? The answers are all in the last season of Girls… Sort of.

Unlike previous seasons of Girls, this doesn’t plod along pretentiously. We are taken from one character development to another, via hilarious and realistic dialogue (often snatched by show-stealing Elijah, or brilliantly acted by Lena Dunam). A LOT happens this season, and that’s probably why some characters were left behind. For example, we are to assume Ray is happy after kissing the woman in the fair ground, and that Adam and Jessa remain together. Those mentioned don’t even feature in the finale. In fact, Sosh was barely in the season.

With so much happening, you’re never over whelmed. It’s pace is nigh on perfect, hilarious in places, and moving too.

The Season would’ve scored 5 stars, if it wasn’t for the finale. ‘Latching’ is ultimately an episode about a Girl becoming a Woman, the final seconds showing Hannah’s new born child finally latching onto her breast to breast feed. That’s a pretty symbolic moment, maybe even girl>woman>mother. But did we need 30 minutes of a season finale dedicated to it? No. It was the future after a brilliant final episode that no one asked for, but we were shown anyway.

But Lena has never been a fan of the ordinary, and if the Girls themselves weren’t going to get a simplistic ending then I guess the audience never were either. Farewell, Girls