Feud, Season One, Bette & Joan

'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?'

Feud, Season One, Bette & Joan – ★★★★★


Follows screen legends Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, and how their feud on the set of ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’ all began.

You know when you’re in love with a series when a) you become obsessed with the source material, to the point where you’re up at 1 am drunk, YouTubing interviews including Bette Davis/Joan Crawford, b) when it reignites a friendship and c) when you genuinely worry about what brilliance you’ll replace it with when it ends. THAT, is the power of Feud.

Feud is, in a word, sensational. It’s probably the best series I’ve seen since 2016’s The Crown. Sometimes, there just aint nothing better than a dramatic take on a real life situation – in this case, 2 Oscar winning actresses, Bette Davis & Joan Crawford, who did NOT get a long. And we have 8 incredible episodes to tell us exactly why.

Jessica Lange & Susan Sarandon ARE Joan Crawford & Bette Davis – big credits go to hair, make up and costume crew who transform the 2 modern day actresses into their 1950’s alter ego’s.

What’s amazing about Feud is that it’s real life, this relationship between these 2 women actually happened and is documented in cinema. It’s just so juicy knowing what happened beuind the scenes and I urge anyone, even if you don’t like the 1950’s era of Hollywood, to educate themselves on the brutality of celebrity and what it does to not only people, but women.

And get set for Feud Season 2… Charles & Diana.