Man up?

Showing emotion isn’t a weakness, it’s a strength. (via ATTN:)

For years we as boys have always been told to stop crying. All this bottled up emotion can have devestating effects on your mind years later. Trying to be an the hard man but who gives a shit if you cry, it’s not a weakness. Not by far. If people opened up all the time, expressed there feelings then maybe, just maybe we might have a more peaceful world. On the other hand tho, trying to make someone talk and open up when they arnt ready too yet is just as bad. We all have our demons and god don’t I know about it.

My article about living in a glass box will come soon. But at the moment I’m strongly agreeing and supporting this. Teach your kids it’s ok to cry, they are not pussys or wimps. They’ll grow up to be even more head strong k owing they talk and open up about feelings. Below is a video from Attn. take a look and please do comment your thoughts.