An Eye for Design

 An Eye for Design with Francesco Bilotto 

By Doris Hobbs


When entertaining is needed, Italian American designer and television personality, Francesco Bilotto is called. His time consists of invaluable media appearances on shows such as NBC Weekend Today, Good Morning America, and The View. On NBC he’s a recurring guest contributor with his self-titled segment, “The Francesco Fix,” where he brings energy and a jubilant smile to viewers worldwide. While home decor is quickly becoming an “it” industry in 2016, the goal is to find a designer with an expert eye who can create a coherent, polished yet personalized aesthetic – Francesco has got just that and more. The self-proclaimed designer can find his mornings in the hustle and bustle of a New York client’s flat or affront of the lens for Good Morning America, The View both on the ABC Television Network, and a Tastemaker on The TODAY Show.

For Francesco, who was raised in Kenosha, Wisconsin to Italian parents, his passions combine two of his greatest attributes: home décor and talking. During most of his childhood Francesco spent it living with his mother in Cape Cod on the shoreline of Lake Michigan where he found his love for design and everything striking. “Soap Opera sets as a child were always such a fascination to me and over time became an attraction to my taste in home décor, from gold encrusted mirrors, large floral arrangements, elegant drapery to the elaborate mansions that housed such beauty there was something to it and I wanted to recreate such a life for myself and others,” states Francesco.

 From past experiences which included working in a number of prestige galleries he gained a fundamental knowledge in fine art, furniture and antiques. He was then able to move forward with a talent that comes closely natural as breathing, to what it is today. With a mindset that treasures his evolution and desire to challenge himself he carries a belief system surrounded by: Gratitude and Follow-Up. These two elements are found throughout his work and foremost centered on his connection of surrounding himself with beauty. “There are some pieces of home decor you’re never going to want to give up, but there are other pieces, like some relationships, that you’re ready to move on from.” His advice: “When you’ve found an old piece in your home do your diligence to replace it by finding inspiration with the willingness to try new things, remember it’s just decor, not a heart transplant- keep it moving.”