Bvlgari launch the new scent Goldea
Uber luxury with Musk at its heart. A signature for the Jewellery brand musk is in every Bvlgari scent. 

This stunning bottle shows off what the bvlgari team do best. The serpent neck piece is a motif of the brand. Seen in many of their fine jewellery. 

The circle of yellow /gold symbolising the sun (Serpenti ) the snake effect on neck of bottle.

A sublime radiant top it solar crystal musk  

With orange blossom and bergamont absolutes and sun filled raspberry .head notes. Ylang Ylang and jasmine petals for the sex appeal in the heart notes. Amber blend in the Base notes Uber luxurious with gold patchouli. 

Available in the bond street boutique.
By Lewis-Duncan Weedon.