Happy New Year!! 

2016 is here! And what a year this one is going to be.   

 I thought I’d right my resolutions, I know, I know.. Blah blah ….and this is when everyone jumps on the band wagon and reveals what they would like to change for the year. So I’m going to keep this short. As some would know, in 2014 I was involved in a road traffic accident which has left me with a dislocating shoulder. I’m still awaiting surgery for this, therefore, I have been out of the photography game for over a year. 

So the first one of my 5 is…

  1. Focus back on different types of photography, write tips and find upcoming photography talent to show you guys. 
  2. I’ve decided to split the magazine in two. One side will be focused on upcoming creative talent. The other side will be a blog like style, where I want to write more, review products, lifestyle, and food. 
  3. This year I start my MBA degree in business management 🙂 
  4. The launch of our issue. Issue Noir. 
  5. And what everyone puts on their list…….. Get fit, eat healthy. 

There you go. That’s my resolutions for 2016. Tell me yours. 
Happy 2016 and thank you all for your continued support. 
Wayne Noir. 

Editor in Chief