Britain’s Top Designer

Britain’s Top Designer is a cutting edge competition that takes place during London Fashion Week that aims to find the Next Top Designer in the UK .

Set in the Grand Connaught Rooms, the awards were hosted by Fashions Finest in which 8 designers showed  their collections to a panel of judges including celebrity stylist Bernard Connolly. Bernard studied at the London’s most famous fashion college Saint Martins, achieving a fashion degree at the highest level and has since worked with some of the most famous Fashion Designers in the world, including Zandra Rhodes, Anthony Price as well as supporting new designers such as Jacob Kimme, Hannah Marshall. And Ewa Szczotka Director of Instituto Marangorni Fashion School London, each for their chance to be mentored by these two.

After seeing their designs the winner, Miss Boss Fashion was announced with runners up Tinkilove and Dao London. London Fashion Week 2015 34

Miss Boss Fashion, the creation of  Martine Moussongo Happi, is a brand which stands for the strong confident woman of style and quality.

Martine was born in Cameroon and from an early age showed an interest in fashion and beauty. In 2000, whilst living in Paris with her family, she started drawing and developing her natural gift and it became a skill and passion. After moving to London Martine studied and qualified at the London College of Beauty Therapy and also gained valuable experience designing clothes by working in the fashion industry. She uses fabric such as organza, silk, chiffon and spandex. She makes use of beautiful glamorous bright colours to meet the demands of the modern generation. Miss Boss Fashion has also been launched in Cameroon where the affluent seek out the best in European fashion style and quality. Martine’s first runway design and collection was at the Fashion Addict Douala and Salon Du Marriage events in Cameroon. She showcased her  London debut collection at African Fashion Week in London2014. She also showcased her latest collection in September during London Fashion Week with Fashions Finest . Miss Boss Gown was voted BEST evening wear at the Miss Black UK2014 and also showcased her collection at Inspiring Edge Fundraiser Fashion show.

We caught up with Martine to ask her some questions.

London Fashion Week 2015 35 London Fashion Week 2015 36 London Fashion Week 2015 65 London Fashion Week 2015 34

Interview with Britain’s Top Designer Miss Boss Fashion.

1) Firstly, congratulations on winning Britain’s Top Designer.

Thank you very much!

2) Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

I did not decide to be a fashion designer, my love for fashion started since childhood. I was captivated and fascinated by beauty, colours, clothing and fashion. Since a tender age my parents hated it, especially my dad, who was a GP. He didn’t want to hear anything about it as he wanted me to follow in his foot steps.

3) What is your favourite part of being a designer?

My favourite part about designing is seeing every women feel happy, gorgeous and confident in my designs. The appreciation and having lots of women and young girls trusting me on the choice of colours, designing of their dresses for their special occasion is such a great feeling. A dream come true. At the moment I’m designing a gown for one of the contestants for a beauty pageant finalist for Miss England. She totally trusts me on everything and is so happy with the results already. The best part is hearing how she is so excited and cannot wait to wear my gown!

4) Your designs are very unique. Where do you seek your inspirations?

My inspirations? I’m a Christian and i do believe God gave me the natural talent that I have today and also my vision. I’m inspired by the women’s body, the silhouettes and shape. I’m fascinated with love, bright colours and nature.

5) How do you select the materials you use?

To be honest, I use a bit of every fabric in my designs. Choosing fabrics for clothes is the most important step in sewing and the wrong choice can mean a very unsuccessful project. I’m very adventurous and love to try new things all the time. So it really depends on my inspirations and vision. i do make sure I provide the best and unique fabrics. I love silk, satin, challis, chiffon, spandex, organza, chambray, velvet, knit, dry lace, french lace and many more.. I always stretch my choices and I love to play around with anything beautiful and unique.

6) What are your plans for the future?

There is so much in my head regarding my plans for the future. My style will always be bright, full of rich colours. I would like to design more and get more people to know of my work and keep them happy, and by the grace of God i’d like to have my own official atelier and boutique in London. At the moment I am designing from my home.

7) Define fashion and your style.

Fashion to me is being confident, feeling flawless with everything that you wear. Be confident and love what you wear because it will show. Miss Boss Fashion stands for the strong confident women of quality and style.

8) How was this season for you? What kind of feedback did you receive from your collection?

This season was amazing! I used beautiful soft bright colours that will take you straight to nature and give you that plain air feeling which is always enjoyable and undeniable. My clients absolutely adored the boldness of the colours that I used and many loved the fact that my collection was not just loud bright and bold but also very flattering than most women expected with such bright colours.

9) Who would be your ultimate client?

To be honest, I want to be able to make everyone happy and design for who ever is interested in my designs.

10) What’s next for Miss Boss Fashion.

What is next for Miss Boss Fashion really is to keep up the good work, keep up the inspiration, keep women who already know about Miss Boss style happy and to spread the news. The purpose of Miss Boss is to tell every women out there to stretch out their choice on colours with what they wear because lots of women still like dark colours to stay in their comfort zone, basically I’m trying to say is that you can wear green, red, yellow and look flawless, elegant and fly 🙂

Photography CLO Photography

Interview by Wayne Noir