7 Tips to become a Model!


Neely Reyes is the founder of the award-winning Sapphires Model Management, an agency that has worked with and provided models for some of the biggest names in the industry. Her client list includes brands such as Vivienne Westwood, Victoria Beckham, Rimmell and NARS to name a few.

Neely is also an accomplished art director and has worked across the UK and Europe creating and styling shoots for brands such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. As a creative consultant Neely’s experience spans half a decade. Working with everyone from independent designers through to large European retailers. She is also a noted and respected fashion commentator and has worked with many trade magazines and events such as Womenswear Buyer, Drapers Fashion Summit and the WGSN Global Fashion Awards. Her latest venture has been a move into filmmaking. After creating a short documentary about the modelling industry, she has co-produced and directed her first film short entitled “Flame”.

We caught up with Neely and here are her Top 7 Tips for Becoming a Model:


  1. Do you look like the models you see in glossy magazines and advertising campaigns? Do you have substantial height and suitable model measurements? These are the first things to be aware of. If you don’t meet the basic model requirements, the chances of getting signed are slim as we have industry requirements that we have to adhere to as an agency.


  1. Be prepared for rejection. Not all agencies will be in a position to sign you and chances are you will get a few no’s before you get a yes. You’ll need to be thick-skinned and able to pick yourself up and carry on. Also, keep in mind that when you do get signed, you don’t always get the jobs that you go for straight away. Being prepared for rejection and being able to carry on is key.


  1. Are you fit and healthy? Models often have to work long hours standing in front of the camera, and depending on what sort of shoot it is, it can be repetitive and very tiring so models need to have good stamina and fitness levels.


  1. Are you independent and able to travel alone? Being a model requires a lot of travelling around to castings and then to jobs. Can you do this alone and efficiently? If you can’t find your way around then this is going to be a very hard job as you need to be able to navigate your way around proficiently.


  1. Models need to be friendly and easy to get along with. No one wants to work with someone that is difficult, so if you have the tendency to throw a tantrum, it’s probably best to find another vocation.


  1. Are you organised and able to keep records? Models schedules are always busy and tight and often change at the last minute. A good model is always organised and knows exactly where to be and when. Modelling doesn’t work if you are a bit scatterbrained.


  1. Get real. If you are looking for instant fame, aim for another profession. Modelling is a great career and you can earn a nice income and travel to some amazing places, but if you think you are going to land the cover of Vogue within a month of signing, that’s just not realistic. Becoming a successful model takes time and commitment, so if you want to be a model, be prepared to work really hard.


For more info on how to become a model read Neely’s e-book available on Amazon



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