7Questions with Fashion a Designer Rhona Anne.


We had the absolute pleasure to be personally invited to see Rhona Anne’s debut collection at London Fashion Week Fashions Finest.What a beautiful collection with swimwear inspired dresses and a injection of leopard print. This we really loved! It was fresh, inventive and the detail and craft that goes into Rhona Anne’s work is something else. We predict that this little raising star will become BIG and after the show we went back stage to meet this beauty.

Here is RION’s 7Questions with….
Fashion Designer Rhone Anne.

Firstly, what a beautiful collection. You must be very proud. With this being your debut at London fashion week. Was it what you expected and what would you do differently next season?

Thank you very much, I appreciate your kind comments. I am very proud of what I have achieved and so overwhelmed to have been involved with Fashions Finest at London Fashion Week. Yes, it was what I was expecting to a point, as I have worked backstage previously at London Fashion Week for two seasons with Amanda Wakeley, so I related to the manic atmosphere backstage! It’s very fast paced but rewarding to see your collection going down the catwalk for the first time, it’s makes all my hard work feel so worthwhile.
I prepared myself well for my show, as I am a highly organised person, so I probably wouldn’t do anything different, just to keep pushing myself to achieve the best possible outcome.

How did you start your career in fashion design?

My career as a designer started from my love of art and having always been a creative person, I wanted to reflect that through my work. A lot of my art work was influenced by the use of different medias, including fabric which led me to be more creative in Fashion Design so I went on to achieve a BTEC National Diploma in Fashion at Warwickshire College, and gained a BA (Hons) Degree at Kingston University, this drove me to my determination of becoming a designer and feeling inspired to express individuality through garments. I have always believed that what you wear reflects your personality and to be whom you want to be, this reflects through my designs and being comfortable in your own skin.

What kind of feedback have you recieved from your collection?

The feedback so far has been amazing, it’s so overwhelming! I have had some really kind and positive comments, from professionals in the industry like stylists, bloggers and photographers. One comment in particular was “I loved it! It was so unique and classy. I loved the touches of leopard print, very memorable!” this was lovely to receive, as I felt like she really got what I was portraying in my collection.

You studied fashion at Kingston uni. What made you launch you own brand and not continue to work for anyone else?

Whilst at University, I was pushed to achieve my full potential and to work to specific deadlines constantly with very little time, this was a lot of pressure but something I am capable of working towards. Once I had graduated, I was offered a 3 month internship with Amanda Wakeley, where I learnt a lot of valuable skills within the studio, I then went on to work for the likes of Ted Baker, Danielle Scutt and for the high street at Miss Selfridge. I decided after completing internships, that working for myself and to my own deadlines was more for me, plus I have always wanted to set up my own label. I am good at organising myself and never stop until I have achieved what’s needed. If an opportunity arises in the future to work for or collaborate with another designer, then I would definitely consider this.

Who inspires you the most in fashion, and what inspired you on your collection?

I always look to my favourite designers, those being Issa, Elie Saab, Amanda Wakeley, looking towards sophistication but interesting garments that are simply beautiful to wear and make any woman look and feel good. My current collection ‘Portraits Of Elegance’ was taken from the key pieces of my Graduate collection. I took a personal aesthetic within my research, looking into modern ballet and how fabric falls on the body with the movement of a ballerina, leading me to look at drape and applying this to classic shapes creating clean lines and silhouettes. I also researched into florals and looking at the different shapes they can create, building this to form the ruffles throughout the collection and seaming them through certain garments to make them more unique but wearable. Each design is thought about down to the finest of detail, where the inside is as important as the outside. My favourite print of all time was introduced with the pops of leopard print again taking a personal feel throughout the garments. The collection is classy but beautiful with my philosophy to adore, create and to hopefully inspire others.

What would be your ultimate dream?

It’s already happened! Showing during London Fashion Week has always been a huge dream of mine, but ultimately to show on schedule at Somerset House would be amazing. To see a celebrity in one of my designs would also be the icing on the cake!

Any funny backstage stories you’d like to share with us at LFW?

Apart from the usual mayhem, I had a pair of shoes go missing! Which caused a bit of a stir but everyone was so calm and professional. I couldn’t fault the models at all, they had this carefree attitude where nothing seemed to bother them and no complaints, they were fun to be around and calmed my nerves on the day.

Thank You Rhona,

RION Magazine.