Dans La Vie – Genderless Mode

Dans La Vie – Genderless Mode

by Ross Pollard

It’s the juxtaposition of the print vs reality that first jumps out with Waseda University graduate and former print designer in Paris Riri Sugawara and her latest Dans La Vie collection shown over Fashion Week at Fashion Scout. There’s a camouflage print that will make you stand out rather than be hidden away that runs through many of the looks.

The positive and forward-thinking fashion that London thrives on was delivered by the truck load in this collection. Alongside the range of camo related garments, each individual and unique, were patterns and prints that grab the attention. This is fashion doing what it does best, making a statement, clothes aren’t just fabric, they are woven, cut, and stitched into a philosophy and personality.

Riri Sugawara collections are famed for the bold expressionism that drives right to the heart of the Dans La Vie mission, brighten, embolden, emancipate from the dull. Layered, complex and yet still as mentioned elsewhere containing the fresh and fun approach that’s returned to London, this is how edgy should be. There is an honesty to the huge level of creativity on display, the designer isn’t playing at trying to be creative, this is a collection that shows she’s the ringmaster of the fabric and plastics, cracking her whip in the centre of the circle, bringing many different ideas together to create a show of radiant brilliance.

A while back Sugawara took a break from London, but since her return she’s proved why we need her and all that she brings to our fashion week. Genuine originality can’t be replaced, I’m hoping she doesn’t leave us again.