Ji Won Choi – Ones To Watch Review

Ji Won Choi – Ones To Watch Review by Ross Pollard

Ones To Watch at Fashion Scout is always a great place to find young designers about to go big, and this season was no exception, among the four talented future stars was Ji Won Choi, born in Seoul and raised in America’s Mid-West. Her vision for the looks was a bold statement of line and colour that added a strength and vibrancy to the week.

Using a stunning simplicity of single colours and pencil drawn straight line detailing Ji Won Choi created a breath-taking collection that was drenched in wow factor and statement. The use of layering and stripping came together to produce garments that stood out from the norm.

These were looks that almost felt like they’d been lifted direct from the sketchbook, a perfect sketchbook of freshness and fun. Fresh and fun is a theme that ran through so many collections on offer at LFW this season, but it’s a hard theme to master. Badly done it can look sloppy and immature but neither of those thoughts can be applied to this selection. Each model looked immaculate and the sense of joy was matched by the perfect execution. Ji Won Choi isn’t just one to watch, she’s one to buy right now and keep on buying, you won’t regret it.