Every boy, every girl - HALIER up your life!


I don’t follow many bloggers. Blogging these days seems to become all about getting the free stuff and good connections which is not we are about. Opinions should be nice, positive and short because people have turned into, unable to read long paragraphs zombies, and if the reviews are not nice then the postman will stop delivering the free stuff.  It as simple as that. So is it better to keep it cool for all the wanna-be-receiving-goodie-bags?  But I am not a blogger. I am a fashion columnist and a critic. So sending me free samples will not always bring you “OMG! Amazing” screaming articles. But this is what a good journalism is all about.


Everyone who knows me will know the fact that I am obsessed with two things in particularly – denim and hair! I started having issues with my hair falling out quite early on in my life and it became quickly to me, my biggest complex. I’ve tried everything, pills, conditioners, scalp moisturizers, shampoos, and conditioners ( I don’t believe that a shampoo can stop your hair from falling out) and ended up being cut at the surgeon during my hair transplant. And yes, that cost me a fortune, and so did the products I invested into. I am probably the first one willing to try anything new, especially cosmetics that are promising miracles, hair growth and protection from hair falling out. That’s where my story with Halier begins.

I like good looking people and beautiful objects. I like it glossy, shiny and beautifully packed. If it’s a feast for my eyes, I will buy it. And at the same time, I like it to be classy and simple. Something like the edginess of Rick Owens eaten by the simplicity of Calvin Klein. That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised when my order from Halier Men arrived. I received a box of Fortive Hair & Scalp Serum and a three-month supply of Halier Men Hairvity capsules with Nutri-Amino Complex.  The first one is a blue, magnetic box (super practical) with ten 30ml glass bottles inside with a pipette that will allow you to apply the product perfectly between your hairlines. The second product is a steel, plastic bottle with 60 pills inside each of them. The producer recommends 2 pills a day after a meal and massaging the serum onto your scalp three times a week. I got a bit lost with the dosage,  as I didn’t know if I should use a small bottle as one dosage or just dose the product a couple of times, as there’s enough for using it twice. Anyway, two months have passed, I’ve finished the serum and I am opening the third box with my capsules.

What are the results? Speedy growing hair! Every time I used the Fortive Serum on damp hair after it dried, it looked fuller and really healthy. “The unique Growth Complex formula prevents excessive hair loss and improves the overall condition of the scalp” promises the producer.  And it worked, but few times my scalp did become red and itchy, I thought it might be irritated but my friend, who’s a fabulous hairdresser explained that some hair products against hair loss are arousing blood circulation which can cause redness. The itchy feeling disappeared very fast though. The Serum itself is rather expensive and after one month it is hard to tell if I’d like to spend £89 a month to continue using this. A monthly supply of Hairvity costs £22 and I have already put this on the list of my necessary spending. It’s a must-have in every man’s cosmetic bags or a diet plan. Besides collagen, vitamin E, zinc, copper, biotin, selenium, hyaluronic acid that helps to maintain healthy looking hair, the pills consists of one more mineral that id grab my attention – ‘Ashwagandha’ root extract, also known as Indian Ginseng, it has the ability to fight cancer, diabetes, and boosts the supply of antioxidants, it also increases libido but what’s most important it is one of the strongest natural anti-depressants and it helps heal anxieties. Since I started taking Hairvity not only has my hair started growing faster and looks healthier but my mood swings have stopped. I am taking an extra dosage of powdered Ashwagandha Root on top of it. I have to admit using both products has been easy and I really did love the look of the serum bottles. You can easily put them in your bathroom, they look extremely luxurious and using them does makes you feel this way as well – luxurious. I remember the look on my face when I discovered that I have the last bottle left. Massaging my scalp with Fortive Serum became my morning routine – just like taking two capsules a day after my breakfast.

I have already ordered another package, and another serum as I am too curious to see the results after using it for 6 months. Let’s not cheat each other – the first, proper results will be visible after 3-6 months. Is Halier worth a chance? RION approve this, go try for yourself and let us know your feedback.