The FashionWorked Awards

Harry The Hippo speaks about the FashionWorked Awards.


On the 11th of June the 6th Annual FashionWorked Awards will take place, they are something incredibly important to me and as big a part of my fashion year as fashion week, or any other the other significant events of the cycle. It’s the time when I get to have everyone focus on something that’s very important to me, the talented independent designers that make up the fashion world just as much as the big name fashion houses that everyone could name with ease.




Partnering with RION Magazine who have sponsored the Best Independent Designer Award is a perfect match for me, as this is a magazine that also celebrates the smaller labels who have talent that shines just as brightly as the international couture houses.
There are of course awards that look at fashion that people wear, we look at the best and worst High Street shops, the trends that have caught fire for clothes and accessories, and the trends that haven’t worked, we look at the good and bad of the red carpet, but for me the pinnacle is always about those independent labels.





There is such an array of talent out there, just look at last year’s winner of Best Independent Designer, Joshua Kane. A creative so brilliant that you can’t help but fall in love with his work. Last year it became clear that one award wasn’t enough and the label award was split into two, we awarded both the garment award and the new accessory designer award.
This year while collating shortlists and ideas for who might be nominated in became clear that those two weren’t enough to recognise all those amazing labels and so for the first time there will also be a Best Ethical Label award. Across the three categories there are 25 different designers, and it fills me with hope that I could of easily named 50.
It’s been a stunning journey, the first 5 years were picnics with friends, well until it rained then it was pubs. But such is the clamour to support talented designers the event has gone supernova. Alongside a stellar judging panel including a few of my fashion heroes, 150 people from the industry are coming, press from the national papers, celebrities and stars will all attend Century Soho for the new look event. We’ve teamed up with The Grooming Room to make this an event to remember, but I hope the thing that everyone remembers or reads about are those 25 independent designers.


Harry wears Nico Didonna.

Shot by Wayne Noir

Words by Ross Pollard.

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