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During her nine years as a Model, Actress, and Activist, Annelise Marceline Founder of ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics has acquired the ability for spotting equality in the inequality and discerning elegance in every day.



During her nine years as a Model, Actress, and Activist, Annelise Marceline Founder of ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics has acquired the ability for spotting equality in the inequality and discerning elegance in every day. Whether it’s in the studio or at home with her rescue dogs Greta and George, Annelise pushes the boundaries of her own creativity. Now, at the age of 24, she is now following the calling to bring equality to not only a demographic of Latina business women, but to all who seek it.

In order to mark the beauty scene, you need to have experience in it hands-on. From the age of sixteen the opportunity arrived as did emotional struggles after Annelise was scouted by a local modeling agency. “As a first generation American, my parents thought that modeling was silly, and did what they could in their power to get in the way of my success,” she continues to explain “they wanted me to be something “honorable,” like a lawyer, or a doctor.” Annelise would soon after take her parents scheming offer of funds which in return only left impassive approaches to dangle control over her. For two years, she found herself in absolute misery and disowned from her family. Annelise did what she knew best, she re-entered the modeling industry actively traveling from Washington, D.C., New York City, and LA for about 3 years.

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While travel had her exhausted she explains of a breaking point that would soon carry new meaning and future, “Enough was enough, at 23, I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. My goal was to retire, and spend some time off in Nawlins, but a modeling agent scouted me, again.” She explains that there was a new understanding and sense of respect with her partnership with Elizabeth Perrin of FiftyTwo45 agency, something she had lack in the years prior.

The current Malibu resident freely shares that before starting ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics she was a complete novice within the beauty industry only possessing the tricks and tips from a number of makeup artist throughout her modeling career. From making ends meet within the contemporary cosmetic world whether that consisted of researching at the public library on the topic – she found resources from her affixation for Old Hollywood Glamour. “I experimented a lot as well; I learned what looks worked for my face. It became therapeutic for me because when you are a model, you DO NOT get to call the shots”, she states.


Though she is now best known for capturing beauty Annelise actions as an animal activist have taken her to new levels. A quote which characterizes the issues driven my activism is by Abigail Van Buren which states, “The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back.” All of Annelise’s products are cruelty-free; made in small batches produced individually. This allows ULTRAVIXEN Cosmetics to uphold its reputation within a cosmetic industry of thousands, as well as, an ambassador for Latina equality and women around the world.
Annelise’s bold attitude towards animal rights and guileless countenance with Intersectional Feminism LGBTQ issues, and Gender/Racial equality has drawn attention to the right people, with her personal mission. “I believe we all are equals, and that’s where I put my focus into,” Annelise continues to say “The idea that we are equals does extend to animals, and this earth. I would say that my animal activism comes in the form of advocating for those who are abandoned by the waste of this industrialized society.”

With a brand that continually progresses with a number of new product releases, Annelise is now embarking on the next chapter of her businesses growth with her latest BOUDOIR COMPANTION liquid lipstick collection. A series of vintage-inspired nudes in earthy tones, from her brand new ULTRIMATTE formula are all vegan, scent free and paraben free. This long lasting lipstick feels absolutely light and comfortable – you won’t even realize you’re wearing it.

After nearly a decade spent as a Model, Actress, Activist, and now a role model for female empowerment Annelise states with a slight smile, “I know my life was meant to end up free, and shrouded in absolute love.”

By our USA Contributor Doris Hobbs

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