The former X-factor star releases his brand new single

‘ I Love it when you’


We managed to catch up with Sam during his busy schedule to talk to him about his latest single, Fashion and what he has planned for the future.

Where do you find your inspiration for your songwriting?

It usually comes from real life situations and experiences but more recently I’ve managed to write some great stuff by putting myself in the positions of others, imagining how they feel with whatever they’re going through at the time!
I look up to different artists for different reasons, but three of my favorite lyricists are Ed Sheeran, The Script and believe it or not Eminem! We may be very different artists, but you have to respect that level of lyrical and musical talent!

Where did your passion for music start?

I was never great at school when I was young.
I suffer from ADHD, dyslexia and a slow reading age of half my age.
Yet somehow I found I could write a song with ease just through using my passion and my feelings. I’ve always been a ‘heart on my sleeve’ kind of guy and I think music is the perfect expressive art for that!
I bought a guitar when I was 12 with my pocket money, decided I should probably teach myself something after it had sat in the corner of my room for a couple of weeks and from then on, that was it, I have been 100% sure of my path in life…and I adore what I do.

Your new single “I love it when you” is this written about a special someone in your life?

I’d like to lie and say yes.
But that would be against my personal beliefs.
I have written hundreds of love songs about people who have come and gone in my life and some of those are very special people to me.
Friends, family, and partners.
However the idea of ‘I Love It When You’ is that it’s a song entirely up to the interpreter to decide about.
It makes them think, “I love it when you… WHAT?”
It could be about love, or it could be darker and more mischievous or even very simple!
Which I like!
This song has a quirky style to me, so I think this quirky style of writing and leaving it up to its audience suits it perfectly.

You have a unique fashion style, would you consider launching your own label?

Yes, I would definitely consider it! As much as what I do, to me, isn’t really work. The longer I do it, the more I am learning about the business side of the industry and how many new and exciting opportunities there are to be explored!
Fashion has always been something I’ve taken an interest in, so keep your eyes peeled, I may have my own brand before you know it.

What can we expect to see from you this year? Are you planning world domination?

World domination is 100% on its way!
I can confirm that.
My fanbase doesn’t do things by halves and neither do I.
However, like all things, this is being taken step by step.
The music industry is notoriously a one shot industry, but I’m not looking to put a time frame on how long that will take.
Perfection takes time and everyone knows I’m a perfectionist through and through.
It’s only March and so far I’ve had a number 1 in the ‘KingsOfSpins’ charts in the U.S. and a track in ‘best-selling preorders’ on iTunes UK and there are defiantly more releases to come.
So things are looking bright for this year, there also unfortunately for you, a lot I can’t reveal yet.
But I will be doing some TV this year along with some crackin’ summer festivals and other gigs and I’m already booked to go abroad to work 3 times this year!
It’s going to be a big one, to say the least, and I can’t wait!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Take your time kid!
I was always in a rush when I was younger and I believe it gets in the way of you enjoying the journey so to speak!
I love what I do, I get up every day and do something I love and I work very hard for that. I should allow myself more time to just enjoy it!
I’ve always set myself nonimpossible goals and that’s never changed, so I will continue to work hard and if there are only two things I believe in, it’s my music and my fans!
We’re doing great and there are only greater times ahead, so I for one cannot wait to see what’s up the road!

Thanks for having me! Sam 🙂 x

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By Wayne Noir

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