Zadig&Voltaire, renowned paris fashion brand launches its new fragrance.


#ThisIsHim & #ThisIsHer

Its been a busy few weeks with RION Magazine and just before the hype of London Fashion Week, we were invited to the fragrance launch of the new Zadig&Voltaire #ThisIsHim 7 #ThisIsHer.


Set at the Ace Hotel in london, we arrived to a champagne reception and a DJ spinning some house music. The scene was set, the room smelt wonderful. In the corner, they had their very own spray on “Zadig” temporary tattoos which was brilliant idea!

A little bit about the brand…

Zadig&Voltaire: a quintessentially French fashion house, whose name is a reference to the nickname of founder Thierry Gillier, ferryman of the Voltairian mindset.

1997. The rock star of the Zadie hero and his revolutionary philosopher Voltaire inspired Thierry Gillier to create a new French luxury brand. Chic and casual. Young, arty, Parisian. Feminine, masculine. More than an everyday collection, it would be free-spirited, with a rock attitude. It would breathe told and embrace modernity.


This Is Him!

A woody oriental fragrance

Black, Powerful. The gentleman rocker with a leather-hard spirit. This urban wanderer reinforces his confidence with a spicy incense of grapefruit and black pepper, vanilla and sandalwood.


This Is Her!

A woody, heady floral fragrance.

White, true, Parisian elegance wrapped in sensuous silk and cashmere, this spritzes a floral bouquet of Arabian jasmine, pink peppercorn, chestnut and vanilla.


This Is Him was my fragrance during London Fashion Week and will remain in my top 5 Mens Fragrances.


Wayne Noir