From Paris with Love

Interview with Fanella.

Paris model moves to London to fulfil modelling career.

Fanella by Wayne Noir

In true Parisian style, I met the wonderful Fanella from Space model Management outside a bar in East London. With a glass of wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other, Fanella just oozed with style and charisma. With her high waisted jeans and leather jacket, this was a girl I knew I wanted to work with.

Paris born, Fanella has travelled from New York, Zurich, Paris, Brussels and London. Previously working in finance for 5 years, she was scouted by a agent in Germany and kick started her modelling career. Originally from  Paris modelling agency “VIP models“, she decided to move to London for love. She signed with London based agency “Space Model Management” just one month ago.


 WN-Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Erm, I dunno really… Personally I’d like to think I will still be London with my partner or if not that we’d move to to Europe, Milan, Paris, or even Grease, I love Grease. I’d love to open up an hotel in grease.

WN- Wow, that’s something different to modelling, why a hotel?

Fanella- I like to be around people. When I was younger, I travelled a lot. I always liked seeing other hotels. I like the business model of running a hotel. I’d aim it for the fashion industry, a place for models to come and relax, a place to hold catwalk events and even castings for shoots. I find it satisfiing to meet different people every day.


WN-So what’s the worst thing that has happened to you whilst modelling? There must be an embarrassing story to tell?

Fanella-I once arrived to a casting with out any make up and just the basics of clothes, it was very last minute that didn’t leave me any time to get ready. I just grabbed what I could and headed straight there, yeah, that was pretty embarrassing but I had the confidence and I believe it isn’t always the clothes you wear. I like to arrive with a big smile, show of my personality and that works for me.

WN-Which photographers would you love to work with?

Fanella- Anoush Abrar, I love his work and think he is just incredible. He is very nice and is the brother of one of my closest friends. And of course you Mr Noir. slightsmile emoticon

WN-hahhahaha that’s sweet.


WN- What is it about fashion that you love so much?

Fanella- I like the travel. It’s not so much about being on the cover for me. I get that rush from last minute castings/shoots it’s not a routine 9-5 job. One day it could be 20+ hour days and the next it could only be a coffee and interviewing for magazines like today.

Photography and interview by Wayne Noir