Make Up PLUS

Make Up plus, the phone app shaping the make up world.

We all struggle, lets face it the struggle is real people!!!

Having kids or no kids… To master the 10 Minute makeup hack before running out the door can be tiring. (For me)

I find that there are days where my skin doesn’t want to play along with me… For some reason my same routine on odd days can look so different… Why is that???

So I stumbled across this app the other day. I’m only starting to get the hang of selfies. I usually hate trying to “smize” with the camera… Or “make love to it” as they say. I’m usually the one that pulls a funny face, or looks too serious that I look moody. I know I know… I’m still working on this perfect look. So finding this app has saved my life from taking hundreds of selfies to find the right one… and rushing to the bathroom to tweak my makeup so that I look half decent.

It’s so precise… You can change the Angle of the makeup to fit your face properly…

Change the intensity of the look and even have fun with some contact lenses.

To be honest… As vain as this is, it actually does give you makeup tips and tutorials which I find great as I do the same thing everyday with my face to be safe… (Minimal makeup) as I’ll end up either too shiny or too orange. I also have quite full lips… (All natural huni) so finding the right shade and finish of a lip colour can be hard. I find some colours can make my lips look even more fuller… (That’s fine for some) but it’s getting the balance right for my face.

So if I want to try something new… This is the perfect way to try it without actually having to move from your sofa ?? (I have two kids… I can be lazy sometimes lol)

Once you’ve finished, it then shows you your before and after pictures which is great and you can keep them for reference when you actually do your makeup.

Big thumbs up to this app. Now I will never have an off day, spot or sweaty day… OR tired haven’t slept a wink because of the kids day. Sweet!!!

Download the app and try for yourself, let me know how you get on with it.

By Malaika Mwanki

Deputy Editor

RION Magazine