LGBT issues in Schools

Lewis-Duncan Weedon talks about his views on LGBT sex education in schools……………… or lack off!


Fashion & Celebrity Event Editor – Lewis-Duncan Weedon

The Terrance Higgins trust are trying to promote sex education in schools to be all inclusive,and it’s about time !  LGBT issues in school are either ignored or just not spoken about correctly.


Now in a world were there are so many terms . Even at my age I’m still unsure of some of them.
A sexual. Gender,  nautral etc.
So how can young people be excepted to know if they are not taught or allowed to ask?
If schools got together to come up with a program to talk about these issues like any other.
I remember sex education at school being very quickly covered  and the very basics,  more actual baby facts rather than pleasure or ” how too ” as such  I don’t mean grahic,  after all I’m a prude too  Haa.
It should be open with a no stupid question aspect.
I do believe if young people were allowed to talk and ask these questions we would have less of a problem long term.
I do believe most people have tried something they may regret  but couldn’t ask or felt pressured into. As if it was a trend.
This campaign I’m highlighting the full need for a well placed sex education for all.  And it’s not just the young people whom may be confused with their sexual orientation. It’s also those kids whom bully or whom are just utterly clueless and pre judge.
I was horribly bullyed at high school  (which of course the school ignored,  they called to have a zero Tolerance) over something I had no control over  (my sexuality)!
At a young age I wasn’t aware of it. I was just being me , and what’s wrong with that?!
I know find it interesting. As some of those who  bullied me , have come out  or are now gay  (and hit on me since ) but won’t admit it.
I ended up suffering from a eating disorders due to the bullies. I piled on the  weight as comfort from the evil, nasty comments, then suffered  from anorexia and bulimia   dropping down to 6 stone.
At 32 I still think about my weight daily,  hourly and every minute due to those comments  which a lot were, due to no Common sense and lack of knowledge .
We are all different and in my eyes that’s a good thing.  It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with whom I am and I still have low confidence.
But Fxxk it!! I dress the way I want too for me, not for attention!.  And young people should do the same.
Not being afraid to be them selves
By Lewis-Duncan Weedon