Best of Alexander McQueen

 Lee Alexander McQueen, British fashion designer and couturier is known for having worked as chief designer at Givenchy and for founding his own Label, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN.

“Give me time and I’ll give you a revolution” 


Creating some of the most memorable pieces, Alexander McQueen was a true artist of his kind. We take you back to one of his 2001 S/S VOSS show.

For his “VOSS” collection McQueen seated the guests around a giant mirrored cube. The show was late (on purpose) and the audience was forced to stare at themselves until finally the cube lit up revealing a mental-hospital setting. The set was disturbing but the frocks were theatrical. Kate Moss and Erin O’Connor were trapped inside the cube as was a naked Michelle Olley who reclining on a couch breathing through a tube.