Ashley Isham A/W16 


Ashley Isham is know for his bold catwalks, with this season being no exception! A beautiful collection too that is by far one of my most favourites. Set in the wonderful Freemasons Hall, The scene was set to showcase his wonderful designs and what a show this was. 

  Ashley Isham found inspiration for his Autumn/Winter 2016 collection from Igor Skaletsky, a contemporary, young Russian Artist who creates thought provoking paintings and textural collages.

Igor is based in Berlin but was born in Moscow and studied painting at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow. Isham was particularly inspired by the way in which Igor freely manipulates the recognizable images of art history and high culture.   

Skaletsky works in mixed media, combining both collage and classical painting with his work incorporating traditional painting techniques with modern technology. Igor gets inspiration from iconic works of art and gives them his own, unique modern interpretation, thereby creating the image of a hybrid, separate from time, place, and context. 

 Ashley was particularly drawn to Skaletsky’s work because of the way in which he combines symbols of religion, pop culture, animals and tattoo images as if juggling visual habits and subconscious of the viewer. Skaletsky provides an interesting interpretation of famous stories, and it is difficult to remain indifferent to his art. 


Isham’s Autumn Winter collection sees a brooding sense of romanticism combined with a dreamily ethereal mood that creates modern, of-the-moment clothes that are spectacularly magical and exquisitely engineered whilst decorated to make a woman swoon and ache with desire, after they’ve made their debut under the bright lights.   

 Isham designs what women wants to wear in artsier tone with serene, beautiful materials that are fresh, fluid and carefree yet also possess strength with razor sharp tailoring thus creating couture-like silhouettes that manifest into something essentially urban and city-ready. The colour palette for AW16 sees a range of deep, dark and romantic hues of teal, maroon, olive and magenta all perfect colourings for the uber, polished breed of woman. 


  Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen

                                                                                      ― Leonardo da Vinci 
By Wayne Noir