Cheeky Nandos

So, whilst I was flicking threw Twitter, I noticed that there were some polls going around for you to cast your vote to questions some Twitter users have. I thought this was a brilliant idea and wanted to get involved. What best was to engage with your audience buy letting them answer the questions you ask. 

With this in mind, and still on the Christmas break, I thought I’d treat myself to a Cheeky Nandos. I don’t really know where that saying comes from and what it really means but…….with the new year apon us and my vowel to eat healthy, I thought a Cheeky Nandos would be my “Cheeky” treat for the week.

 I know, I know it’s only the second day in January’s resolutions. I opted to treat myself already butttttttt, I could have nodos, and be healthy with it. I’m not really much of a rice fan so I decided to put this Twitter poll to the test.  

Thought I can get myself ready, and head into town. I’m quite surprised really at the response. 

It was head to head at one stage and I was toying with what I should do. Needless to say, by time I got to the restaurant this happened..

The votes changed and fries were heading the lead. By this time, I was pretty hungry and with the final look, I went with Twitter and opted for the fries. 


And that was truely a Cheeky Nandos worth the wait!! Diet starts again on Monday!!