Danny MRT 

Danny MRT started gaining a talent for spitting bars from the ages of 9-10. Since then he has been creating motion in the music industry. Gaining his first proper gig at 16 in a club called Tropicana. He even managed to convince promoters that he was 18 years of age at another venue and pushed his way on to the stage to MC alongside DJ Luck and MC Neat.

Turning 19 he scored his first Radio gig on Trilogy FM. Since then it has been gig after gig, with the exception of a little time out between the ages of 21-24. The time out only sought to increase his talent tenfold. By 26 he became ridiculously busy. He recalls being booked to perform 3 times on one bank holiday. The list of big names he has performed with continuously grew and he has been named alongside DJ Ez and MC Creed, Norris Da Boss Windross, Matt Jam Lamont, Bodyrox, MJ Cole, DJ Randall, the Kiss 100 Gang and performing with N Dubz @ a club called Chameleon to name but a few.
He has taken his talent across the seas to Ibiza. Hitting up other venues by storm such as Vauxhall’s Hidden Nightclub for ‘It’s a London Thing’, Lava, Ignite, to Garage Nation’s UKG Fest. Performing for the BBC’s The Voice. He is the mind behind the powerful quartet that is Microphone Masters. Bringing the 4 of them together and naming them because he firmly believes that is what they are. Seeing the talent that all of them held he knew they needed to be heard.
MRT considers himself more than just an MC. He is an artist and with a serious gift of human beatboxing and having released a garage track the beginning of 2015 and another track due to be released on the way. Plus the fact that he is currently working with the BBC’s ‘The Voice’ displaying his prodigious vocal abilities, he is proving himself to be exactly that.