Hush Puppies!! 

For the brand new Spring Summer 2015 Collection, Hush Puppies invited stylist Pascalé Grise to create outfits that go with this season’s Hush Puppies shoes. Pascalé has previously styled celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Sandra Bullock and worked on campaigns for many established fashion brands.    


We spoke to Pascalé about her opinions on the brand and what she recommends to wear this season:

 What do you love about Hush Puppies?

“Hush Puppies is an iconic brand so beautiful, classic, but also very modern, casual and comfortable which I think is something very important these days. What I love about Hush Puppies is that they’re making comfort beautiful, and honestly who doesn’t want that?” 


What do you think of fashion?

“I think fashion is always a bit of fantasy, it’s an inspiration what’s important is to really make it your own.”


So what should we be wearing for Spring Summer 2015? Explain the looks you have created today. 

“The first look we created was for a classic strappy sandal, we chose a shift dress in orange suede offering a great burst of colour for spring. The next look we paired a denim shirt with a pencil skirt featuring a floral motif, which is one of the key trends this summer. We chose a motif that is neither too strong nor overwhelming as it is easily dressed up or down. 

 The final fun look we created was to pair the menswear inspired brogue, a beautiful fine pink brogue, with a trench coat. The trench coat is classic, it’s iconic like Hush Puppies, and I believe everyone should own a trench coat for spring.”