Tertia May.

We love featuring upcoming talent and Terita May is one to watch out for. Her image and voice is one to remember. Read her interview below.

Sarah: Hello, Tertia. Tell us about how you got into music and who your 
musical influences are?

Tertia: From a young age, I always wanted to do something musically with
my life and growing up I listened to such a variety of music. My main
influences when I was younger were Christiania Aguilera, her ‘stripped’
album was my all time favourite. My other influences were Amy Winehouse
and Whitney Houston.

Sarah: How would you describe your sound?

Tertia: The sound that I wanted to obtain was geared more towards the
Jazz kind of vibe, but id say my sound is starting to become a bit more
soulful and rich with hints of house music in there too. I’d like to
start writing more Erykah Badu style music.

Sarah: If you could collaborate with anybody, who would it be?

Tertia: If I could collaborate with anyone it would probably be Lauryn
hill or D’angelo. Can’t choose between the two but both have ridiculous

Sarah: Music and fashion go hand in hand a lot of the time, how would 
you describe your personal style and does it reflect your music too?

Tertia: My personal style really depends on my mood or what kind of
music I’ve been listening to. For instance, I had a period where I
listened to so much 90’s-80’s music I start dressing like someone out of
‘saved by the bell’ but my fashion usually reflects my music. A bit more
flamboyant and out there at times but can be simple too.

Sarah: where can we have a listen to your music and what can we expect 
from you in the near future?

Tertia: You can hear me on soundcloud under the name of Tertia May and soon
YouTube. For the next coming years, I hope to be singing at festivals
and have my EP ready and released!

Photographer: Darren Skene
Stylist: Sarah Mulindwa
Makeup Artist: Abbie May Hopkins
Hair: Dionne Maxine
Talent: Tertia May

Interviewed by Sarah Mulindwa