7 Questions with…


Celebrity Stylist and Designer Joey Bevan


7. Joey, how would you define your sense of style?

My personal style is very casual really with a vintage twist, people always say I look French haha!


6. You have worked with a number of huge profile clients, who was your first and how did you approach this?

I think the first huge profile person I had the pleasure to make a bespoke dress from vegetables to present to HRH prince Charles! I’ve met him three times now and he is such a lovely man!


5. Are you working on a new collection, and what can we expect to see from this?

Well I’m currently about to set off on a big adventure/ secret project! Which I should be able to tell the world soon!!!! So collection is on hold this season but I have made some cool pieces for this exciting project!


4. Winning “Inspirational Youth of the year 2013” must of been pretty exciting! How did you come about that?

Haha well, I didn’t even know I was going to win an award, I was actually there to present an award to a young lady and at the end of the night they surprised me !!! It was a great night and was totally in shock! But I was incredible emotional that I was chosen for my hard work and charity work with the YMCA charity :-).


3. Designing garments for the CORONATION FESTIVAL last year at Buckingham Palace is an awesome achievement. Who would be you ultimate client to design for?

Ohhhhh this is a hard one, but I would love to design for a Tim Burton movie!!!! I love him as an artist and know he would totally inspire me to create amazing garments.


2. If you could give just one tip to any up coming Stylist’s out there, what would that be?

Work hard, stay focused, the fashion industry isn’t just a job it’s a way of life, you have to adjust your life to suit the industry! If you don’t then you won’t make it.


1. And what can we expect to see from you this year? anything exciting in the pipeline?

Soooo many things I’m excited about but can’t say!!!! Arghhhhh want to scream from the roof top haha




Thank You Joey!

RION magazine

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    Im lucky enough to work as one of Mr Bevan’s assistants and its such an honour! I get to help out on some pretty amazing projects and meet some pretty amazing people. I’m constantly inspired! Check out his 7 question interview with Rion magazine 🙂

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