7 Questions With…

Celebrity Hair and Make up Artis Danny Defreitas!


7. So Danny, first of all, how did you start in your career and what got you motivated to go freelance?

I started off in hairdressing and worked my way up the ranks until I got to Style Director for a big Global Hair Company. I had always loved the hair up and session side of styling and got myself doing shows here and there. Then I decided to take on a new passion of Make Up, I felt this came to me naturally and I loved the unison of both skills coming together to help create a character / mood or feel.


6. Who was your first celebrity client and was you nervous about this?

I treat all my clients like celebrities, of course! I would probably say Rita Ora was one of my first. She was a such pleasure to work with. I guess when you’re passionate and care about something you do get nervous. I sometimes still get nervous. It’s an emotion. It’s natural. It means you care.

5. You have a unique style to your own, could you describe this to us in 3 words?

BOLD – ARTISTIC – LUXURY – The list can easily go on. I like to mutate and grow my style depending on my clients and life experiences around me.

4. Which products do you swear by and if you had to pick a “MUST” which would it be?

If anyone knows me they’ll know how passionate I am about finding the best things for your kit. Keep it simple. I really like Dr Hauschka Lip Balm , all my clients / models / actors tell me how great it feels on the lips. It’s the perfect canvas for that juicy moisturised lip look.

Then I would have to say my airbrushing kit by TEMPTU PRO . It’s like retouching a person in real life. So natural and weightless. You use such little product but get great results. If anyone wants to get into airbrushing check them out. They also have highlighters and blushes for that flawless finish.

And on a last kit essential, I would probably say Beauty Works Hair Extensions , I never go anywhere without a few pieces or a clip in. These are so handy to have in your kit, as you can tell from my Website  I love big hair. LOVE!

3. Do you plan on launching your own beauty range anytime soon and what would you call it?

Haha I get asked this question all the time. It would be a dream come true to have my own beauty range. I feel with so many things out there at the moment I would want to bring something different. Perhaps something that would help those session hair and makeup artists out there, key kit essentials to make our life better and easier.

2. What can we expect to see from you this year, any exciting projects in the pipeline?

I am so fortunate to be able to follow my passion in this life. I believe that when you are passionate you grow and your success inspires people. I get inspired all the time. There are some very exciting things in the pipeline. I’m very open so if you like you can keep up to date with me on twitter, come on don’t be shy .

1. For anyone just starting out in hair and make up, what would your ultimate tip for success be?

This is a good question. And I always feel like I am on the spot to give some wise words of mass advice, pressure!! No no, I would say that hard work does pay off. Learn to respect people around you as this industry is a lot smaller than people think. Word does spread and I always think that I want to be noticed for my work. Nothing more. We are all here to enjoy this art. Without getting to cheesy – be yourself.



Thank you Danny!!

RION magazine